Mission No. Twenty-Two – October 25, 1944

Target: Gelsenkirchen – Synthetic Oil Plant
Bomb Load: 18-250# G.P.
Gas Load: 2400 gallons
Briefing: 0630
Plane: X4934 – Million Dollar Baby
Position: #1, #2 Element, Low Sqdn., 41st “C” Gp.
T.O.: 0950 Land: 1512 Time: 5 hours, 22 minutes
Left Base: 1041-1/2 @ 13000′
Bombs Away: 1316-1/2; 27000′; -39 degrees C.
Distance: 852 SM

Remarks: Still going to the “Happy Valley.”  There are worse targets but I can’t think of many.  Bombed by instruments.  GEE-H.  Surprisingly little flak.  Light damage.  Almost lost Drissell from anoxia.  His oxygen hose became disconnected & he passed out.  Discovered it thru routine oxygen check.  Got to him in time.

[Note: This was the 379th Bomb Group’s 219th mission.]


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