Mission No. Nine – August 27, 1944

Target: Esbjerk, Denmark – Airfield
Bomb Load: 10 – M17 (500# incendiary)
Gas Load: 2700 gallons
Briefing: 0645
Plane: R4890 – Queen O’Hearts
Position: #2, #3 Element, High Sqdn., 41st “B” Gp.
T.O.: 0949 Land: 1817 Time: 8 hours, 28 minutes
Left Base: 1037 1/2 @ 6000′
Bombs Away: 1502; 21000′; -18 degrees C.
Distance: 1565 SM

Remarks: Briefed for Berlin. Encountered high, heavy clouds. Unable to climb over them or go thru. Turned to bomb target of opportunity. Light flak over target. Long flight. On oxygen for very long time. Glad we didn’t go to Berlin. Hope we never go there – except after Germany is licked.

[This was the 379th Bomb Group’s 195th mission.]


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