A B17 “Flying Fortress” against a clouded sky. Dad says they also called these planes “Big Ass Birds” because of their large tails. Photo by James E. Rung.

Arrived P.O.E. – Camp Kilmer, N.J. on June 26, 1944. Temporary A.P.O. 16212-RJ-190

Embarked New York City, Ship #874 – S.S. America on July 1, 1944.

Disembarked Liverpool, England on July 13, 1944 and proceeded to reception center at Stone, England.

Departed Stone on July 17, 1944 and proceeded to permanent base at Kimbolton, England.

Assigned to 8th Air Force, 1st Division, 41st Wing, 379th Bomb. Gp., 524th Sqdn. Permanent A.P.O. No. 557.

Became operational July 28, 1944.

Completed tour December 24, 1944.

Departed Kimbolton January 15, 1945 and proceeded to reception center at Chorley, England.

Departed Chorley January 31, 1945 and proceeded to

At this point the entry ends.  Dad had to turn his log book in and was unable to complete his entry about his return trip home.  He cannot remember exactly from where he departed England to return to the States but he think it was probably Southhampton.

Mission No. One – July 29, 1944


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