Mission No. Twenty-Five – November 2, 1944

Target: Sterkrade (Gelsenkirchen) – Synthetic Oil Plant
Bomb Load: 20-250# G.P.
Gas Load: 2400 gallons
Briefing: 0545
Plane: E4213 – Rubble Rouser
Position: #1, #3 Element, Lead Sqdn., 41st “B” Gp.
T.O.: 0830 Land: 1427 Time: 5 hours, 57 minutes
Left Base: 0952 @ 17000′
Bombs Away: 1203; 27800′; -48 degrees C.
Distance: 825 SM

Remarks: “Million Dollar Baby” grounded for engine change.  Bombed by instrument.  GEE H.  Much confusion on bomb run.  Scattered bombs all over country.  Intense and accurate flak over target.  Received large number of holes & lost #3 engine.  Left formation & returned alone.  Very bad mission.

[Note: This was the 379th Bomb Group’s 222nd mission.]


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